Empire and Ukraine (2022)-Epub Version

Empire and Ukraine (2022)-Epub Version

Empire and Ukraine 2022 returns to the themes first set out in Andrew Murray’s 2015 book The Empire and Ukraine now available at a specially reduced price

When first published by Manifesto Press this book immediately drew the attention of critics, from both the right and elements of a self professed left, who found its focus on the stark realities of imperialism’s barely disguised operations within Europe too much to accept.

The mass movement against the Iraq war, the opposition to imperialist intervention in Syria and Libya, the long NATO war on Afghanistan, the human disaster of the war on Yemen and opposition to British and US sponsorship of the Saudi war machine are big elements in the welcome growth of a conscious anti-imperialist trend in British public opinion that is as opposed to the Russian invasion of Ukraine as it is to NATO’s expansion eastwards.


Andrew Murray, chair of the Stop-the-War Coalition from 2001 to 2011, is the author of several books on political and trade union matters, including The Imperial Controversy (Manifesto Press 2009) Flashpoint World War III (1997), Off the Rails (2001), A New Labour Nightmare: Return of the Awkward Squad (2003), Stop the War: The Story of Britain's Biggest Mass Movement (with Lindsey German, 2005), The T&G Story (2008) and Empire and Ukraine (Manifesto Press 2015).

Today’s Empire and Ukraine 2022 brings us up to date with the invasion of Ukraine, NATO’s expansion and the heightened threat of world war.