Education for Tomorrow #4, Spring 2023

Education for Tomorrow #4, Spring 2023

In this edition:

Ofsted: danger to teachers - Robert Poole & Daniel Whittall
Fighting academisation - James Kerr
The organisation of education and of culture - Antonio Gramsci
Covid and schools - Robert Poole
Radical pedagogy and building an Education for Tomorrow - Brett Byatt
The working class is back - Sarah Woolley
A new perspective for trade union education - Gawain Little
Lessons in Organising – The Union is in the Workplace - Ellie Sharp
Anti-union Laws - Adrian Weir
Our trade unions – what next after the summer of 2022? - Nigel Flanagan
Jallianwala Bagh massacre - Joginder Bains and Amarjite Singh
Woman, Life, Freedom: the situation going forward - CODIR & DOIW
The role Bhagat Singh in British colonial history - Pervez Fateh
British colonial history - Pervez Fate