Twelve years ago Manifesto Press was a new venture that aimed to publish working class history, socialist theory and the politics of class struggle. It proclaimed itself republican and anti-imperialist; secular and feminist; anti-fascist and anti-racist; committed to working class political power, popular sovereignty and progressive culture.

Forty titles later it has published half a dozen books on working class history and biographies of working class figures; another half dozen exposing war and imperialism,, more on education, on the economy, on socialist theory, key texts from the women's movement and the fight against fascism.

Manifesto Press actively seeks partnerships with the working class movement and in addition to commissioning its own titles provides publishing, design, marketing and editorial services for unions, social movements, anti racist and anti imperialist groups. 

Manifesto Press is now constituted as a cooperative and invites people interested in our work to become shareholders and help with the different facets of our work including evaluating projects, reading manuscripts and proof reading. We particularly welcome people with design, marketing and social media skills and volunteers to assist with sales.

Much of our back catalogue is now available as e books at reduced price and all our new titles appear both in print and online.

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