Education for Tomorrow no. 6, Spring 2024 (new series)

Education for Tomorrow no. 6, Spring 2024 (new series)

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In this edition:

Fighting for the future of education - Lucy Coleman
What is citizenship education? - Helen Blachford
Privilege and power - Robert Verkaik
Bullshit pedagogy - Stuart Bracewell
An urgent priority: Deliver reliable school exam grades - Douglas Sherwood
Secondary school pupil assessment
PGRs as staff - Jack Davidson
The architecture of secondary school pupil assessment
Music education A seed from which to grow - Ben Lunn
A student view of the strikes - Ben Ughetti
Education and the Spycops Scandal

Confronting the demons Phil Katz on historical revisionism and holocaust denial
Decolonising the labour movement Nick Wright in conversation with Roger McKenzie and Nigel Flanagan
The Tory Fantasy: ending strikes in public services Carolyn Jones and Adrian Weir

The role of education in a time of rising nuclear tension
Iranian teachers at the heart of the struggle for change in Iran
What can educators learn from comparing the British and Cuban education systems?