Education for Tomorrow #5, Autumn 2023

Education for Tomorrow  #5, Autumn 2023

Authoritarianism is infiltrating education, suppressing dissent, indoctrinating minds, and stifling critical thinking. Educators and trade unionists must resist this trend by educating, agitating, and organizing. We must foster classroom cultures rooted in freedom of expression and challenge the ruling class's ideas. The Autumn edition of Education for Tomorrow looks at the causes and effects of authoritarianism and how we must respond.


Education -
2 Integrate Private Schools
Lucia Quadrini
6 The rise of authoritarianism
Phil Beadle
8 The inclusion room/
prison system
Nina Morris-Evans
10 August 1911
Tom Shields And Holly Vallender
12 Teaching about Fascism
Steve Handford
15 Teaching in the real world
Cartoon by Wallman
16 SEA Manifesto
Ian Duckett
18 Daniel Kebede interviewed
20 Joint union Lefts statement.
Workers’ Summit Jess Edwards
22 Trouble Makers Book
extract Hughs and Woodcock
24 Nicaragua
Roger McKenzie
26 London Recruits
Pervez Fateh
27 My Story
Steve Marsling
29 Palestine
Julia Simpkins