The political life and times of Claudia Jones-Epub Version

The political life and times of Claudia Jones-Epub Version

Claudia Jones had a major impact on politics during her lifetime.

Born into poverty she moved from her homeland to New York, where poor housing conditions resulted in lifelong ill- health and premature death. Yet in New York she found reason in revolt.

The Communist Party USA was the first and only political organisation to recognise the critical experience and talent of Black women. Claudia emerged through its ranks as a thinker and doer of considerable journalistic and leadership skills.
Her activism during this period made her a national figure in the struggle for equality, peace and opposition to oppression at home and imperialism abroad.
For this, the American government exacted a cruel punishment, which in the end, saw her deported to Britain.

In this country she began her struggles all over again, becoming the core of an emerging anti racist and anti imperialist movement and taking the message of Peace to Russia, China and Japan. Her influence was felt everywhere and especially in Africa and the Caribbean.

The Communist Party, Claudia’s adopted party on arrival in Britain, invited author David Horsley to research and recount the story of her political life and times.


David Horsley has taught in Lambeth, South London and Ewarton, Jamaica and is a veteran activist in the anti racist and anti imperialist movement. He is author of Billy Strachan - Caribbean Man.