A Centenary for socialism
Born to Campaign: The life story of Rita Weiss 1921-2011
Building an economy for the people: An alternative economic and political strategy for 21st Century
Censorship overruled: an alternative history of 1918
Defence or defiance?: Derbyshire and the fight for democracy
Freedom From Tyranny: The Fight Against Fascism and the Falsification of History
Global Education Reform: Building resistance and solidarity
Granite and Honey: The story of Phil Piratin, Communist MP
Hidden from history: Women who changed the world
Killing no murder South Wales and the Great Railway Strike of 1911
Lone red poppy  A biography of Dimiter Blagoev
Marx’s Das Kapital and capitalism today
Once upon a time in Bulgaria
Piigs awakening
Proud journey
Red Lives
Reddest of the Reds
Reimagining Education (2): Curriculum and Assessment
Reimagining Education(1)
State Monopoly Capitalism
The Councils of Action 1920 and the British Labour Movement’s Defence of Soviet Russia
The Education Revolution: Cuba’s alternative to neoliberalism
The Empire and Ukraine
The Empire and Ukraine (2022)