The Education Revolution: Cuba’s alternative to neoliberalism

The Education Revolution: Cuba’s alternative to neoliberalism

The singular successes of the Cuban education system are treated to a deep, comprehensive and fraternal analysis by Dr MacDonald, a world authority on human rights, a sharp critic of contemporary imperialism.

The book covers with great authority the full range of Cuba’s innovative education system, from pre school and primary education, through the secondary and tertiary sectors, the experiences of the pioneering literacy programmes and the comprehensive nature of adult education. He locates the children’s Pioneer movement, the day care system, school and community relations and specialist, technical and vocational education in the framework of Cuba’s distinctive pedagogy


 The late Dr MacDonald was emeritus professor for global health rights at London Metropolitan University and a member of Research Institute for Human Rights. He authored several books about Cuba's health and education systems and the affects of neo-liberalism on health services in the third world.